Behind The Scenes

Skill sets, the same free spirit

Amal Rakibi Gallery imprints each event with its iron and perpetuates the tradition of grand exhibitions and more intimate events, dear to the history of art. The fire that fuels the gallery's teams is as passionate as it is warm. Every spark contributes to this fusion and illuminates the work of the artists.


Framers, lighting designers, hangers, transporters, photographers, writers, historians, all fan the flames of creation, offering visitors unique and complete experiences. Around the artworks, the work of artisans, thinkers, and technicians elevates the creative act. In the backstage of Amal Rakibi Gallery, busy hands are at work. Unity is born in the shadows, away from the public eye. The adjustment of a frame, the relevance of lighting, a text or a title: to convey a just emotion to the "viewers," every movement is made in unison.


On the big day, there is satisfaction in having carried the same voice.


That of the artists.


Drawing inspiration from the purity of the artistic experience


By drawing strength from the work of the artists, the teams participate in the dissemination of an unspoken pact, forged between collectors, the gallery owner, the artists, and all those who appreciate Art and the approach of Amal Rakibi Gallery. A selfless gift in favor of a suspended time, inhabited by sharing, authenticity, and emotion.

Journeying together to make the artists and their messages visible, in their light as well as their darkness, warmth or coldness, optimism or pessimism, joy or anger.


Becoming one with the artworks to see them better.


Passion & commitment


Amal Rakibi travels the world to meet artists, collectors, and professionals in the art world. As a gallery owner, she appreciates the behind-the-scenes of the studios, the uniqueness of each encounter, the words exchanged over a coffee, initially without a specific purpose. Sometimes, from these moments, a shared sensitivity emerges, and time does the rest. As an exhibition curator, her mind seeks how to resonate with the works, communicate with the visitors, and imagine pure and raw experiences. Bringing initiatory journeys to life.


This meticulous work, Amal Rakibi Gallery extends to every detail. An ecosystem, human interaction as the soil of this cultivation, driven by the commitment of all the collaborators. Artisan, technician, historian, writer, museographer.


A relationship of trust for a universal and human approach to Art.


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