March 6, 2023
Alserkal Avenue - Firetti Contemporary

A networking event in collaboration with Azraq Marine Conservation NGO. Firetti Contemporary and Amal Rakibi Gallery hosted an Azraq networking event in the Firetti space, in line with the exhibition "Wood you rather be happy?". The event aimed to a get together a think-tank group around marine conservation, and collaborative opportunities to safeguard our planet through nature-based solutions.

The event had an insightful talk by Marian Fletcher, who shared Azraq's vision and expertise in the field of marine conservation. Azraq is a UAE-based environmental group that has been recognized by UNEA of the UN Environment Program. The group's mission is to engage communities across the Emirates and encourage them to take positive action for ocean conservation.
Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the significance of nature-based solutions to combat climate change, with a particular focus on managing and restoring ecosystems in the UAE. They were also introduced to Azraq's Magic Mangrove initiative, which has already planted over 1,100 mangrove trees. Mangrove forests are a critical component of the UAE's coastal ecosystem, and the initiative aims to raise awareness of their importance and the dangers they face.
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